Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Fighting games for mobile phone






3D Fight Arena - TV Box Game

Unleash fierce punches and combos in this new 3d beat em up street fighting game. Beat every opponent and become the fighting Champion of the 3D Fight Arena today!

Survive through the merciless street fights by punching and kicking hard

Enjoy console quality realistic 3d beat em up fighting gameplay. Intuitive touchscreen controls make jab, hook, and uppercut feel natural and fun.

Download 3D Fight Arena - TV Box Game for free and brawl against enemies on mobile and Smart TV Box! karate game fighting

New 3d fighting game features:

☑ Game for tv box ♛ Smooth and responsive controls from Smart TV Remote Control. ✨

☑ Super hard fighting game ♛ Whatever how you play, you must survive until the end to win. ✨

☑ Countless challenges, endless fun ♛ Console quality beautiful 3D levels with varying color palettes to explore. ✨

☑ Eye-catching 3D graphics ♛ Stunning 3D graphics / Dynamic visual effects. ✨

☑ Battle enemies ♛ Play against various enemies of different skills and strength. ✨

☑ Simple TV Remote buttons controls. No special device is required to play this 3D game onto your Smart TV or Android TV Box. ✨

What are you waiting for? Enter the Fighter to earn the title of 3D Fight Arena Champion Fighter!!!


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